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Suggestion for Meat Effigy inspection lines

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When playing in a multi-player server, we tend to build a meat effigy for everyone. However, these effigies often confuse us about the ownership of each one. I hope different inspection lines can be added to meat effigy that belongs to different players. At least, please add lines that distinguish attuned and unattuned effigies. Thanks for consideration!

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I have rarely seen them acutally being used up, but I build them quite often. As to my best knowledge, every player can "attune" a meat effigy by sacrificing 40 health (the one who crafts it has it already done). Each player can have one attuned effigy at a time, but an effigy can be attuned by multiple player simultanously. Any player can get revived at the meat effigy they attuned. So practically the first person who decides to revive by an effigy gets to use it up. If I'm not mistaken, you can check which one is yours by hovering the mouse over it and the one that you cannot attune (again) is the one you're attuned to.

That's how it works to my best knowledge, I hope I know it right.

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On 2019/6/9 at 5:38 AM, Hirramai said:

I don't usually use those in my worlds, but i believe they are not linked. A dead player can resurrect via a meat effigy another player crafted. Anyone care to confirm this ?

No, you only can revive through the effigy you attuned.

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