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  1. If an anemeny trap is placed close enough to a spider den so that spiders in den could be triggered, the first spider walks on the trap will be stunned. It keeps staying at the trap even during daytime.
  2. Burn a crockpot/portable crockpot/meat rack with stale prepared food inside: You harvest food with full freshness. Hammer/deconstruct/blow those pots/meat racks up with gunpowder: You harvest food with original freshness.
  3. Now krampii's kick can destroy the chest. Is this intentional? By the way, krampii are not interested in scaled chest/ice box/salt box, is this intentional too?
  4. Wortox, Wolfgang and Wendy's multiplier only affect negative auras. Willow has a 1.1x multiplier which affects both. Her modifier also takes structure and equipment into account.
  5. If the ice flingomatic is placed at the edge of a boat, your character may drown when he or she jumps on the boat.
  6. Some of the pigmen's aggro loses when were-Woodie transforms to normal Woodie. I think it isn't intentional because not all of them loses aggro. I tested some other mobs like spiders, bunnymen and clockworks, but none of them lost aggro after woodie's transformation. Additionally, werepig's aggro also loses very quick when were-woodie attacks one of them.
  7. Even in the most light-weighted form, lol.
  8. In DST, pigman will try to eat morsel/rots in a birdcage, even if the bird was cleaned by another pigman, till the next phase comes. By the way, if I place walls around birdcage, werepigs will smash those walls down during full moon, but they don't eat rots/morsel in the cage.
  9. It is written on wikia that: But actually, if you are holding a shadow thurible, the ancient fuelweaver won't hit you with bone cage but the fossil spikes. Since the bone cage has been buffed and fossil spikes are easy to dodge, I think holding a shadow thurbile when you are not hitting fuelweaver can help a lot.
  10. If you disconnect as were-woodie when the were-meter is very low, you will be stuck at the were-form after relogging.
  11. Even if woodie sleeps for a whole night, he will transform right after he gets up. Is this intentional? I don't want to hide in the cave every full moon...
  12. When spring ends, the Mosslings will fly away. But if you freeze one of them at the end of spring and attack it when summer comes, the Moose will spawn and stay there for the whole year. I guess the key to triggering this bug is Mossling getting attacked in non-spring season, which is very rare. More details are shown in this video: https://www.bilibili.com/video/av67614881
  13. My character died on a boat and the boat disassembled later (the ghost was on the boat at the moment). I revived the character on land, but the boat meter was still shown.
  14. I reported this bug because I thought drawing an underground object was weird. Devs didn't fix any bug this week, so maybe they will give response during woodie's update... or not.