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  1. After an iceberg melting/being mined, the puddle left on the ground would disappear on the first or second day of summer. But if you lucky enough, you can kill antlion without taking any damage, because its sand spike will never spawn on the puddle.
  2. Unlike being hammered/deconstruted/burnt. Rip my festive lights. Update: fixed.
  3. If a Mermhouse was burnt or destroyed, the wandering merm will not aggro on later spawned Deerclops. In this screenshot, the merm has attacked by Deerclops 2 times, but he still kept clam. Don't know merms love peace before.
  4. Maxwell's teeth turn into red when performing refusing action.
  5. Well, I am fine with most of the low-resolution items here, but I really hope rabbit earpuff, hibearnation vest and marble suit's resolution could be upgraded since they are too blur.
  6. I found equipment that I think their resolution could be improved. It would be great if they could have a new resolution. I mean the sluper's belt here, and the cat cap is fine. I mean the hambat on the ground. Obviously Thulecite armor's resolution is better than others. Opulent version is worse than normal version.
  7. The dragonpie image isn't fully shown in Tureen crockpot. In comparison, it works well with other pots.
  8. There is a leaf on Bowler Hat skin, but the leaf is invisible on both side views.
  9. I know another way which doesn't require beefalo, but I often fail, so I didn't post that one. I also sunk if I stop on the sea with beefalo, but the operation is more smooth than another one.
  10. In comparison, old recipes like meatballs have high resolution in the crockpot.
  11. Found a way that you can still walk on the sea. 1. Place a boat on sea, and 2 wood gates at the edge of the boat. 2. Mount on a beefalo and telepoof to the boat. 3. Dismount the beefalo at the edge, close the door so it will be pushed to sea. 4. Make sure the lag compensation is on and ride on the beefalo. If you keep moving, you and your beefalo won't drown.