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  1. Holding 9 thermal stones makes me frozen in summer, although their temperature are higher than 0 degrees. In comparison, holding the same amount of overheating thermal stones seems okay in winter.
  2. No, you only can revive through the effigy you attuned.
  3. A backpack with perishable items inside work as an ultimate icebox against spore cloud if it is put on the ground and is picked up after a spore cloud's spawning. Once these items are moved to inventory or cursor slot, they lost their imperishability and spoil fast. I don't know if this glitch is 100% triggered, but I did succeed several times.
  4. This hole cannot be dug or reached. Even the mole itself cannot reach this hole from this direction.
  5. These gaps are considered as land in game, so character and mobs will stuck.
  6. I tried c_skip(num) TheWorld.net.components.clock:OnUpdate(16*30*x) LongUpdate(X) None of them can actually change the day count, like what they do on the surface world.
  7. Since eyeplant and small tentacles don't drop souls anymore, what about Fuelweaver's minion? This makes fighting Fuelweaver as Wortox very easy.
  8. The wetness still rises when I am wearing Eyebrella. You are so wet, Wes.
  9. Hammer an empty bee box: 2 bees. Hammer a bee box with honey inside: 6 bees. So weird.
  10. wilson rework?

    What about giving him a new crafting item that can cure disease. Make science great again!
  11. When playing in a multi-player server, we tend to build a meat effigy for everyone. However, these effigies often confuse us about the ownership of each one. I hope different inspection lines can be added to meat effigy that belongs to different players. At least, please add lines that distinguish attuned and unattuned effigies. Thanks for consideration!
  12. The animation of growing up plays again when Wickerbottom read her book.