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Algae O2 farm with low water consumption

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Simulate @Neotuck design with some new idea (for half automation). Base scheme on picture.


And pipe net (not ideal variant)


Left vent is main and set up on the basis of PWater emitting (290 per terrarium) if supply clean water or Water consumption (300 per terrarium) if supply dirty water (farm consume any water). Right vent use for water suply only and may be miss. PWater bottles just empty each few cycles (emptier for external supply only and also may be miss).

Scheme full water enclose (algae set up to disable delivery water) and consume only water loss in algae (about 6 kg/cycle any water per terrarium). Power consumption about 400-500W (pump and purifier as base plus sweeper, lamp etc). Internal temperature (e.g. O2 begin temperature) about 35 Celsium and easy cooling via cold ceiling, if need (reservoir with cold water as easy way).


Minuses (explore after almost 200 cycles exploitation). Free gas flow (little, algae may rise pressure to 2 DA (dup-atm, kg per tile) and more, gas just push out), need periodicaly empty bottles, manual pressure (enable/disable algae itself) and water sullpy (vents) set up.


Current state (not complete, design very modular) with sage hatch farm instead compost and sweeper little later, if need.


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let me join the algae lover build. I've made a build for early game, when wheezwort are rare and elektrolyzer are Dangerous due the heat production. also its its focused for decore and 64tile room size. the bathroom part is just a bonus and was actually meant to placed somewhere else on the map. but with the throughput nerf it is useable like it is right now. 


normal view


decore overlay


pipe view


self sustaining through puke and poop.

some statistics:

Max throughput:  44g*8*600s/1000= 211,2Kg of O²

algae cost: 30g*8*600s/1000= 144Kg

Water cost: 9,7g*8*600s/1000= only 46,5 kg or 77,6g/s

bonus: dump your hot Pwater from metal fac. or from generators and watch how it magically disappear

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