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  1. For education purpose. Game load research tree file (TechTree_Generated.xml) via "Load(TextAsset researchTreeFile)" (in Database.Techs), but I cannot find where set name researchTreeFile (for replace). PS: I understand structure TechTree_Generated.xml.
  2. Good old 'hydra'. No fixed from 2k17. Pluses: no need filters (create O2 above lizers and launch, H2 seal with liquid) and create from any scaps (airflow plus few kg any two liquids with different density). Minuses: output limited pumps (500 per pump) and w/o automation.
  3. Ethanol not toxic

    Germs kill/spawn in game via internal game rules (each germ type have own set of rules), not via toxic (PO2 also toxic, but no kill germ). 'Toxic' need for dupes and seem no use now.
  4. [Game Update] - 352881

    Some bacteria may refine metals. Just via chemical reaction or forcing molecular transport (e.g. 'rob' wanted atoms). Critters also may eat ore, extract some elements and excrete all other. Way for metal purifying. Same if critter eat pure iron (catalyst for some chemical reactions IRL) for refine carbon/silicon from rock and excrete rust. All logical, and all already exist.
  5. Retest with fixed WW. Testing ground: Start conditions in Cell painter, full load farm plot (12kg). Start energy 58.6Mj (via debug). After run-off Phosphorite (3 cycles) we have: Wild. Energy 55.6Mj, temperature above WW -6.1C or about 1.67kW cooling (2 deg/cycle) Domestic. Energy 53.4Mj, temperature above WW -23.2C or about 2.89kW cooling (7.7 deg/cycle) 4x boost for temperature scale (energy measure may be unclean, total mass change).
  6. [Game Update] - 352488

    Create bug report about heat transfer.
  7. Unreachable dig, not build. No soil, cannon dig up this soil. It happen, if 'digger' already prepare (dig for build) tile, but 'builder' not yet begin build errand (and do anything except build ). In result,tile stay in "prepare to build" state (no worker) with "unreachable dig" (no soil). Old-old-old 'bug'.
  8. Partial flow behavior write in game code. It 'work is intended' feature. Not bug, use as you see fit.
  9. It same issue as with some test results. OK. Testing grounds before 352488. Coper radiant pipe. Hydrogen in pipe cool down to water temperature, all work stable. Current state with same set-up. Hydrogen freeze to liquid after less than one (about 3/4) cycle. Next setup. Same start conditions, but use common pipe (granite) instead radiant. Hydrogen freeze after about half cycle. Also, in begin state (fill pipe, power shut-off) hydrogen in pipes (both radiant and common) almost no change temperature and oscillate around start temperature (cool down to 0.1 deg then restore, in radiant pipes with very slow cooling). No test for liquid pipes.
  10. Idea born in tea time. Testing grounds. Left H2, right PWater. Both with about same temperature. In pipes also H2 (common material for all). Begin experiment. Termal picture after not full cycle: Water almost same, gas heat up. Next cycle: Gas continue heat up, water very slow cool down. Well. Now it work. One tile of water contain 4179 kDTU per deg K (4179*1000). It enough for heat up same amount (1000kg !!!) H2 for 1.74 deg (4179/2400) or O2 for >4 deg (4179/1005) (in Kelvine/Celsium). We just forced transfer heat from one place to other and use different heat capacity for rise temperature. Smart using natural law, no more.
  11. Dasha not domesticable (literaly, always wild). It always have same stats.
  12. Peppernuts is food and store in food storage (as ingredients). Check fridge/storage set-up.
  13. Game mechanic feature. Flow with 10% on max (1 kg for liquid and 100g for gas) or less no change phases. Very low packets no change temperature also (very low temperature change ignored). Battery no charge, but "absorb" wasted energy (rest part power after consumption), and just no count as consumer (overload calculate by power consumption, not power generation).
  14. [Game Update] - 351503

    100 kg salt crush to 5 g table salt or for one dup lunch need 200*100=20t salt. One gram per use. public static float SALTSHAKERSTORAGEMASS = 0.005f; public static int MORALE_MODIFIER = 1; public static float CONSUMABLE_RATE = TableSaltTuning.SALTSHAKERSTORAGEMASS / 5f;