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  1. No only this. Pathfinding very weird now. The Subterranean Panopticon Cycle 25.sav Dups go in water instead walk above. And many other strange things. It look as dups chose long path instead short.
  2. Overload create via consumption, not generation. You merge two power nets and merge consumption its nets Simple example. Two power nets, common wire (1kW). Consumption on both 600W, no overload. Now merge it to one. Consumption now 600+600=1200W, overload.
  3. Liquid flow in pipes from from Output Pipe to Building Intake, not in building itself.
  4. No only gas, any pipe. Empty content in pipe equal 0 kg vacuum with temperature 0K (-273.15 C) for keeping game engine happy.
  5. Build in vacuum atmo sensor (via debug/sandbox etc) need red-green switch for working.
  6. Here closing tag no need. End of line. In pot-file use markup tags, not pure xml-tags. Closing tags just revert all charges: "regular (initial state) <b>bold</b> regular again. <color> colored text" "regular again because next string", but "regular <color>colored" + "colored because string merge from two other </color> regular"
  7. Building initial temperature is fixed (around 20 C) and no depend on material temperature.
  8. More like. Ice maker (even old, with 4.5kW heat) emit lot heat and may very quick reach default overheat limit (75 C). Disable overheating is easy way solve this.
  9. Muckroot not count as editable in release (LU) and dupes not eat it also. Fixed after reload.
  10. Temperature micro change ignored. Also few gram PWater not freeze even below 25C or few mg gas in pipe keep it self temperature.
  11. Dig for build is part or build errand (technical it is deconstruct), not dig errand.
  12. Ice maker no have overheat temperature from start. It work until it melts.
  13. Engine choked. Almost not fixable and almost no depend on PC configuration. Big reveal area, many things (critters, buildings etc) – slow down to 10-15 fps (here is no very critical, it no FPS anyway ).
  14. It no clean for common peoples, but, in engineer meaning, 1 is 100% and 0.2 is 20%. Just no very clean descriptor.