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  1. [help] Research tree edit.

    @Guinaro, I little recreate tool-set (while private, I refresh code later). Nothing big, replace new Class via Tree.Class with separate new and exist node constructor (old method also may work, node constructors now internal method), add Delete for nodes (default off, I not like this) and start add documentation. And yes, node must contain at last one item, name and description is vital need. Label ID must begin with '_' (it mark for engine). AddItems() only move needed items to new place and keep all other, no worry about newly one. About translation. Place in mod folder 'strings' folder with 'strings.pot' file within. strings.pot template msgid "" msgstr "" "Application: Oxygen Not Included" "POT Version: 2.0" #. STRINGS.BUILDING.DETAILS.USE_COUNT msgctxt "STRINGS.BUILDING.DETAILS.USE_COUNT" msgid "Uses: {0}" msgstr "" STRINGS.RESEARCH.TREES.TITLE_<Label_id_without_mark_in_uppercase> is label name STRINGS.RESEARCH.TECH.<tech_id_in_uppercase>.NAME = tech node name STRINGS.RESEARCH.TECH.<tech_id_in_uppercase>.DESC = tech node description See Assembly-CSharp.dll/STRINGS/RESEARCH and StreamingAssets/strings for advance. It allow translate newly added things.
  2. [help] Research tree edit.

    using Harmony; using RTreeTools; public class RTree { [HarmonyPatch(typeof(Db))] [HarmonyPatch("Initialize")] public static class NewRTree { public static void Prefix(Db __instance) { Tree.Create(__instance.researchTreeFile); // Create new tech and move exist new TNode("AnimalControl").MoveTo(1.3, false); new Link("Agriculture", "AnimalControl").Delete(); new TNode("Fertilizers", "Fertilizers", "Boosting crops grown.", new string[] {"FertilizerMaker", "FarmStation"}, new string[] {"Agriculture"}, new string[] {"FinerDining"}).Create(0.3, false); // Move some items new TNode("FineDining").AddItems(new string[] {"Refrigerator"}); new TNode("Agriculture").AddItems(new string[] {"FarmTile"}); new TNode("AnimalControl").AddItems(new string[] {"FlyingCreatureBait"}); __instance.researchTreeFile = Tree.Save(); } } } Create via hand-made tool set for gentle editing Research Tree (source code (working beta) and binary in link below). Use if need (sorry for lack documentation, little later, OK ).
  3. See output_log.txt from "load some mod" to "[MainMenu]". In Windows it locate Users\<name>\AppData\LocalLow\Klei\OxygenNotIncluded.
  4. Airborn Critter Lure

    Airborn not wrangle. Only lure/eggs transfer.
  5. Airborn Critter Lure

    Not same. Bait no powered and one-time use (self-destroy after successful lure). Lured critter may go away. Lure powered and work constantly. Critter 'bind' to some place. About useless. OK, try easy move puft (slime factory) or shine bug (cold light source) in some place.
  6. [help] Research tree edit.

    If keep original tech (only add new and replace exist) all must be compatible (in worst case Harmony allow set mod load order: I first, other second). Current work (where all edge ) And code (dirty, with some CaiLib code (thanks Cairath) but work): Edit. Edge found (and one half-bug), file issue Tree file is graphml with follow structure (general, other just skip): <?xml version="1.0" encoding="encoding" standalone="no"?> <graphml> <graph> <node id="someID"> <GenericNode> <!-- no checked --> <!-- It tech in research screen; one node is one tech --> <Geometry height="nodeH" width="nodeW" x="posX" y="posY"/> <!-- x and y is important, it position on research screen also, other half important, minimal node size --> <NodeLabel>tech_internal_name</NodeLabel> </GenericNode> </node> <!-- now node link in reserch screen --> <edge id="someID" source="fromID" target="toID"> <PolyLineEdge> <Path sx="0.0" sy="0.0" tx="0.0" ty="0.0"/> </PolyLineEdge> <!-- work only edge source/target attributes, other cheked but not work --> </edge> </graph> </graphml> Simple replace all file than edit exist.
  7. Last "hour" work block (25 s in real time) – do current task XOR begin close task with max for dup priority, no long travel. First "hour" downtime block (even if downtime block have one "hour" only) – try finish current task and begin personal need (not drop all and run eat as now).
  8. It removed and replace with bait? Lure exist in codex, but not in research tree and cannon build.
  9. [help] Research tree edit.

    I make it. I just hack Db itself and replace researchTreeFile (and it initialize some where before Db.initialize()). Now only work with tree file and patch tech() if need.
  10. Dupes don't take the shortest path

    No only this. Pathfinding very weird now. The Subterranean Panopticon Cycle 25.sav Dups go in water instead walk above. And many other strange things. It look as dups chose long path instead short.
  11. impossible overload damage

    Overload create via consumption, not generation. You merge two power nets and merge consumption its nets Simple example. Two power nets, common wire (1kW). Consumption on both 600W, no overload. Now merge it to one. Consumption now 600+600=1200W, overload.
  12. If food stored dups eat needed amount calories (this animated as eat one food item, but dup may pick up more (or less) an once e.g. if dup need, say, 1000 kal he pick up 1.25 kg muckroot (800 per kg) or 714 g liceloaf (1400 (perhaps) per kg) at once). Otherwise if food spread around dup eat one or more item without precision calories calculation. Notification pop up if need only (dupe have fullness less 25%). I almost no see 'starving' note (normal difficulty). Check you game (unpermited food, temporal food shortage etc).
  13. Liquid flow in pipes from from Output Pipe to Building Intake, not in building itself.
  14. Pick up (in dups inventory) resource no count as available.
  15. Gas Pipe thermo sensor

    No only gas, any pipe. Empty content in pipe equal 0 kg vacuum with temperature 0K (-273.15 C) for keeping game engine happy.