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Hi. I just spent the better part of 2 hours trying to think up another Tree Guard after I just killed my first one.So please, bear with me...I call it... The Creepy treeI imagined a tree with all of its leaves gone, its branches are spiky and is as big as the large pine tree.Mushrooms would grow near the roots and cutting it down will yield about 6 logs and a few sticks.It has a 20% chance to turn into a Guardian, but it cannot move.If you get in proximity with a Creepy tree and it might turn into a tree guardian, it will use its spiky branches to hit you it deals the same amount of damage the Pine tree guard does,but since it doesn't move it will be hard to lure it into any dangers.Since mushrooms (I think) are gonna be added into the game, I think it would be cool to put them in as another way of getting the mushrooms since they would grow near its roots.(I cannot imagine running around a swamp biome being whipped by tentacles as soon as I stop to pick one.)If you dig up its roots it would give a few sticks and one log (I imagined its roots sticking out a bit so it would bemandatory for it to give you sticks..)Bleh that is my fail of a suggestion :) any feedback would be good but I doubt this would suffice to that of Don't Starve's already powerful Optimus pine.:fatigue:

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