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To Klei, machines reduce lag.!

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(Im in a different language, so sorry if Im wrong in grammar.)


1st, thanks for this game so much. Klei creates a best game i have ever played.

2st. this is main problem about this game: TOO LAGGING.

3st, After many hours testing, i think, lag come from material on floor,pathfinding, liquid and gas in pipes.

So I have some idea,

+ Klei shoud have a machine can delete material. some material I dont use for 1000 cycle and it is here, heat transfer, and make more and more lagging.

+I think Storage Bin  should have a upgrade to increse the size it can store. ex: use steal for upgrade, 20 -40-80-100-....-1000tons. we can sole the problem about pathfinding.

+A mechanic can automatic store material in the Storage Bin after a Dupe mine or decontruction. 

-> dup only find the way to storage bin to carry the material.

+material on floor shouldn't transfer heat. Heat transfer is a greate idea in this game, but so many problems. I think gas ,tiles,building and liquid transfer is enough.

10000 tons of material on floor transfer heat is not necessary. we want to relax in this game, not solve the problem we dont see.

SO , Thanks for read my topic. 




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