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[Request] Mod based on features in Toe Jam and Earl game


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In my younger life I was quite hooked on a game called Toe Jam and Earl

I have seen some things in this game - Don't Starve - that resembles my experiences in TJAE that I loved and would be interested to see crafted into a mod. My ideas may not be suited for a mod and instead a standalone release with the below mentioned features. But therein lies my curiosity to this game's engine and mechanics that may make it possible or not.

Mod Ideas

Coordinate system to synchronize the same location between upper and lower levels of land.

Land Mass Levels above each other within same coordinate system.

You go through a wormhole or other similar device to go up a level, not to a different area on the same landmass.

The ability to fall off the edge of the land onto a lower level(remove the ocean)

Presents- Randomly Placed Packages that are unidentifiable until researched. You may still use the item before researching by consuming the item immediately and at the risk of endangering/hurting your player.


Growing land mass by exploring edges of the land. TJAE included this mechanic which I have never seen in any other game since and loved. By exploring around the edge of a land mass new land would extend out and grow in random directions to create new areas or create pathways to existing pieces.

Swimmable water


TJAE included the ability to fall off the edge of the land mass, falling down to a lower level- this would be an awesome mechanic for Don't Starve, effectively thrusting the player into a possibly unexplored land with new dangers only bringing along what they had carried.

-Don't Starve includes a bordered land with a ocean surrounding that can not be crossed over.

Don't Starve only keeps one land mass at a time, when teleporting to a new land you cant go back.

Growing land

-Don't Starve land is generating before starting to play and is not generated on the fly.

TJAE was a CO-OP game including two characters that worked in tandem to better the experience. Although you could play single player as well.

-Don't Starve at the moment and forseeable future does not include this.

Water is not crossable/swimmable in Don't Starve


Hilarious dialogue


Eat food to heal health and give passive effects

Weapons with limited durability and # of shots.

Tools to help you escape or explore quickly or fly over difficult areas.

Decoys and traps


The evil teleportation machine that to be built requires the player to search around the world to find all the hidden pieces. In TJAE this is a spaceship that lets the player finish thier game and win.

Mobs- different enemy types that roamed the land and when in proximity chased you down.

Transparent Enemy thats quite dangerous and hard to escape.

Different Kinds of land


I love Don't Starve and wish the developers the best in thier endeavors.

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[MENTION=215]Toaster Fu[/MENTION] (or other moderator online atm)Maybe you can move this over to the mods folder and add the "Request" flag? [MENTION=11950]Razor[/MENTION]To be honest, a lot of what you are asking for sound very much like Minecraft except for the dialog and research aspects.Never hurts to ask but that is an awful lot to address in a mod....essentially a "Toe Jam and Earl" version of Don't Starve.

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