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Spider boss

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Its kinda out of lore as long as I know for now, but I was just thinking that would be awesome to have some huge spider-like over-boss to slay.

I recently switched to main Webber, so I am amused by his spider mechanics and common racism. So the idea is similar like Antlion - spider overlord, hidden deep in caves, would need offerings/attention from time to time, just to let players live in peace. Once players ignore him, he sends spider waves for them, stronger and stronger. Or maybe something more scary, like aporkalypse in Hamlet is. Boss alone should be hard to kill even in group.

Sounds annoying a bit, but it could bring challenge to long games (500+ days), where everything is running smoothly, farms are up, every boss is killed and there is no real challenge for player. Also it could be fun.

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An ancient arachnid NPC that shares information of the lore is definetly something I would like to see and even though I'm not very convinced of the offerings idea it could motivate players that are not used to spelunk to try it.


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