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Uses for extra scales/gem transformer (probably not what you think it is)

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Now, this is a semi-simple idea and probably a nightmare to implement, but,

Thermo-Scale Bag - Made with 10 nightmare fuel, 1 thermal stone, 1 scales: 12 slots for items, magic tab, 10% chance blueprint drop instead of scaled furnace,  It turns gems into different gems depending on temperature, and it transforms all gems in it by the time it's cooled down or heated up. It will also sap heat from the surroundings to stay warm and will release heat to stay cool (Resulting in cooling down thermals and players in winter and heating them up in the summer, bit this is slow enough so that it only saps and gives when it is cool and warm, and doesn't always try to stay warm or cool, but will never be at a sane temperature 

The table of gem to different gem


Heat | Gem | Product |

Hot  |  Red | Purple |

Hot | Orange | Red |

Hot | Yellow | Orange |

Hot | Green | Yellow |

Hot | Blue | Green |

Hot | Purple | Blue |

Cold | Blue | Purple |

Cold | Green | Blue |

Cold | Yellow | Green |

Cold | Orange | Yellow |

Cold | Red | Orange |

Cold | Purple | Red |

Is this overpowered? Maybe. It has a heating/cooling aura (Depending on its current temperature) and will melt ice when cold as well as warm up players and cool down players when hot.

Waterproof and resistent to fire (puts out fires quicker and heats you up in winter and summer)

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