Can I play Hamlet and Shipwrecked starting from base world

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So I am just coming back to Don't Starve after stopping during RoG. I was wondering if there was a way I could start in the RoG world and then move to Shipwrecked, and finally Hamlet. Almost as if progressing in story mode from the base step.

Also if I do this will I face problems with the Aporkalypse... etc.

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Hx380    805

Yes it's possible with using skyworthy. 

Aporkalypse will appear after day 61 so going to hamlet means you have to be prepared for it

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oCrapaCreeper    3,051
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When making a new world, make sure you select the RoG DLC first. The game will then ask you if you want the slot to be Hamlet compatible. Say yes, of course. Making a world compatible with Hamlet will also make it compatible with SW.

Once you have generated your world, there is a certain set piece you need to find that contains a crashed hot air balloon. Breaking one of the parts will drop silly string, which is required to craft the Skyworthy (you also need nightmarefuel and living logs). Once you make that, you place it somewhere basically acts as a portal which you can use to travel between SW, Hamlet, and Survival. Be weary though that you won't spawn in the new world with a Skyworthy, you have to make another one if you want to get back to RoG. 


Wiki page for futher info.

You can also make a Seaworthy with a similar process, but it only takes you to Shipwrecked and back to RoG. The advantage though of making it instead of the Skyworthy is that you will spawn in SW next to the Seaworthy that already exists on one of the islands, so you don't need a new one.

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