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Autocompiler not working

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Help! I know so little about computer programming

When I try to compile my png to tex and xml file  clicking autocompiler.exe it immediately closes as soon as it opens. I tried cmd to do this and it doesn't

work at all :(  What am I missing? 


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Autocompiler is a tool mainly used to compile animations into their bins for the game engine to use and such.

Perhaps you may find Simplex's ktools to be better suited for only making a tex?

It's a commandline tool so do these steps to utilize it:

1) Open Command Prompt

2) Type into it:  cd

3) Type a space

4) Drag and drop the folder where your png is at onto the Command Prompt window.

5) Enter/return.

At this point your prompt should have changed its working directory to the folder.

Drag and drop the ktech.exe onto the window, hit the space key, drag and drop the png onto it.  Enter/return.  Wait for it to compress it to the .tex format and it should spit the file back out into whatever folder you specified from above.


I think autocompiler does transform pngs into texs somewhere, but I don't do art assets enough to recall the whats and wheres.

Good luck!

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