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Maxwell Rework Suggestions

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First problem: Maxwell can't control his own puppets. Which causes them to do things you don't want them to do - like chopping down young trees, trees for decoration, mining undeveloped marble, running to their own doom from coniferous hands of tree guards or blowing up at the battle of toadstool. There should be at least a way to make them passive followers instead of active trouble makers. Maybe by clicking on Codex Umbra or on some new special item. Puppet Master who can't handle his own puppets? Otherwise, their AI is quite nicely done, I don't think there is a need to change it

Second problem: Maxwell does not excel in magic. Weird, considering he was a magician. In original game he's sanity regeneration rate gives him an ability to use magic at it's fullest. Back in DS, nightmare armour and shadow sword are your best friends, when in DST Maxwell's sanity can afford pretty much only the sword. Maybe I'm wrong, but for me it seems so iconic for Maxwell to be wrapped in shadows tweaking with forces beyond he's own control. Because of that, I would suggest to reduce the sanity drain for certain items, if not to boost sanity regeneration itself.

Third problem: Maxwell's focus on gathering. What an irony. The man who despises manual labor is actually the best at it. Rate at which he's shadows manage to cut down forests is astonishing. When it comes to mining or digging, there is no man like Maxwell as well. Isn't it funny? Even in the Gorge he became an errand boy, when in reality he would attempt to take charge and would try turn away from any 'earthly' squabbles being an arrogant jerk he is. And don't get me wrong, I'm loving it, how easy it makes my life and saves the troubles, but is it suits him as a character? If ever there will be a need for cutting down some of Maxwell's powers, I would suggest looking into these ones.

Overall: Spotlight on magic and trickery, leaving gathering in shadows.

Some rambling: As for something new? Nobody knows better than creators. Will there be more themes of sacrifice, corruption and playing with dark arts? Or Maxwell is making his way to the path of redemption and tries to learn to not mess with the unknown? (as he’s change of powers after emigration may suggest) Time will tell. Rework could end up being a minor change in numbers, after all. But I think, if it comes down to it, it's important to stay true to the character and make his abilities to reflect his personality, making a player experience the game in a unique way. I feel Maxwell as a glass canon type, playing him you want greater power for the greater risk. When even a tiny error can cost you your life, you will find yourself planning ahead more, thinking, covering possibilities and finding more cunning ways to deal with dangers. And I think that’s what makes him special and not the shadow slaves. But except these 3 problems game pretty much nails it and playing Maxwell as a main is very much enjoyable for me already.


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