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As you can see I marked 2 locations. First I found beefalos on savanna, I wanted some meat, attacked one of them they chased me to second marked location on forest.

Now I have 2 big herds of beefalos, one living on savanna one living in forest near my base.

I think they always should behave like during heat, chase me off a little and go back to herd, now I can make more herds of beefalos, that leads to infinite food resource.

Also there is nice little exploit: first shave beefalo and get you 3 wool, then kill it and get 3 more.

So they should try to go back to their initial location.

Beefalo horn is quite useless item.

Beefalo wool could be used in more items, there is not much to with it after making winter and beefalo hat, maybe in some kind of straw roll, sleeping bag or reusable tent.

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Random question, not to derail your thread or anything, but do beefalos respawn on their own without mating?

I think they will respawn offscreen as long as there are 2 of them, mating season is their respawn time.Didn't check the files so not sure if this is whole mechanic or there is something more.
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