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sunken object


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i was on a boat on water on the 5. island and i used the command to pick entity cause there was a mosquito sack on a lilypad. my inventory was full but i had already mosquito sacks in my inventory. so when i used the command all things nearby were picked and i had a lost relic in my mouse cursor. it was a wet lost relic. but i wasnt called lost relic. it was called sunken object. wet sunken object. i exit my boat and dropped it on ground and when i wanted to pick it i coudnt pick it with keyboard. i had to click with my mouse on it to pick it. i had 3 more lost relics in my inventory (i found them legit in jungle xD) which also were called sunken object now. i dropped one of them and this i coudnt pick anymore with mouse or keyboord. then i quit/save my game and loaded again and all lost relics were normal and the one which i found in the water were also called a lost relic. 

so no idea what this was. 

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