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Something weird happened

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Bit ago, i built a few exosuit docks and the checkpoint, got the suits on the dock, powered and full of air, the dupes wouldnt get past the checkpoint. That confused me a bit, since im absolutely sure the checkpoint was built with the correct orientation. Assuming it could have been a glitch, saved the game, exited and went back in. Then, yet another thing happened. Game is not displaying the correct saves to load?

This is what the save folder looked like


And this is the auto save subfolder


And this is what i saw when i try to load a save. These are this morning saves, btw. You can tell by the time stamp, and the others above are the afternoon saves.


This made no sense to me. It passed file validation


I thought it could be some steam cloud sync issues, and it was enabled (disabled it before i took the screenshot), but no data stored


Just to see what would happen, i backed up the save folder, deleted the original and relaunched the game


Same stuff. One thing left to do, look at the local files and see what this is about.


There are the silly saves the game is trying to load!

So what seems to be happening is, earlier, the game was saving in the local game folder. Then later, for some paranormal reason, it decided to save in the documents/klei folder, but still trying to load from the local game folder?

One thing to do then, copy the save files from the the documents/klei folder to the game folder, and see what happens.


As expected, it kept the older saves, and added the newest. Now to open the game and see what happens


There they are! Sneaky buggers, those saves. It loaded the most recent save, i was a bit apprehensive about it. I made a new save, and the save appeared in the game folder, instead of documents/klei.


I am going to assume that earlier this morning, the game saved in the documents/klei folder because thats probably how it was before, or something, then it changed its mind in the afternoon. Bit of an inconsistency, but im going to assume its happened because i havent played ONI for some months and it had to play catch.

That surely didnt explain why them dupes wouldnt grab a suit to go out there. But the fact that i built a jetpack checkpoint instead of an atmo suit does. Im so silly.

Me thinks, however, that the atmo suit docks should not accept the jetpack checkpoint as valid, as they show a tooltip when a checkpoint isnt available. Maybe it should inform that the checkpoint is incorrect. Id call it, maybe... a quality of life thing?


Have fun with your outrageous builds :)




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