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Some of our true heroes


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Hey everybody.I made this drawing while I was waiting for the Winter patch. I really enjoy playing the game and the art style is just fantastic. I hope you like it and I'll probably see you soon with some other drawings.I hope you can still see the picture because I had to convert it so the quality went down a little bit. Sorry for that.Here is the link for the ones who want to see the real image:http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/844/dontstarvecampfirepit.jpg/Btw some Meaty Stew for the one who finds Chester =D


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I would like to put some more action into the characters. So if you have any ideas and/or suggestions feel free to post them.Helps me a lot.This is my second day on the forum and from what I have seen the communitie is great!If there are any post or threads that I have to see before doing anything else. Show me! I'm curious!

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