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First, you have to know that what you will read is about the end of the adventure mod, so if you don't want to spoil yourself, just don't read.

Okay, so i finally came to the nightmare throne at the end of the advenure mod. Maxwel was on it, nothing supernatural for he moment. Then, i decided to place a fire pit, to cook a mandrake i found in the previous chapter (my character slept a day) and to eat it. But when my character woke up, the two maxwell's lights near the throne were extinguished, so i was on complete darkness.Hopeffuly, i had a miner hat, so i didn't die due to Charlie. image.thumb.jpeg.96e8cec3c236a86e76ca871b679ddcc1.jpeg

I have never seen that before, and the wiki didn't tell me more. Aren't they supposed to always be lit near a player ?

So i continue, and take pity of Maxwell. The shadow hands grab my character, he disappear into the ground, and suddenly a lightning strikes one of the Maxwell's light, and lights it up.


Did someone has the same strange situation ?

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engiSonic    207

I believe this occurs because of the way the Maxwell lights work in conjunction with the way sleep works- If you were to walk away from the throne, then back, the proximity sensor coding would make the lights re-light.

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