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  1. Is the sandbox mod enabled ? Activating it prevents you from earning achievements.
  2. Ah, the music in these trailers gets better each time. A pleasure to listen, and particulary this one : it seems that we get an advanced version, compared with previous videos. Keep it on !
  3. Some pictures of poor trapped critters... None of these traps were intentional. They all stupidly trapped themselves.
  4. Cycle 50, i desesperatly need a duplicant with at least an interest in farming. Everything is up : hydroponic farms, blossom seeds, insulated pipes, tank full of fresh water... Just need a farmer. And then, the portal give THIS : Yep, that Nikola, with the +7 in farming, the diver's lungs and the Allergic traits. ... PERFECT !! And... It's funny to see how picking a not pretty adapted character put some challenges. With this, i had to make a separate bedroom, build exosuit dock, ask my medic to produce some pills just the time to put everything in place... An interessant challenge !
  5. No screenshots of our amazing duplicants this one. But, today, in the beta branch, the world generation gave us some funny situations. Say welcome to the most useful leaky oil fissure ! And no, i'm not able to build any oil well... I guess i'll have to rely on the printing pod !
  6. We already have the pragmatic rancher, the telekinetic miner, but now it is the flying engineer ! Or maybe he is juste walking on his name.
  7. Next, we have our amazing Max the miner. As for example, he can mine without any tool ! And a small bonus, the back of the pragmatic rancher :
  8. Each time i log into a world where an anchor was dropped, the anchor will be raise, even if i didn't touch it.
  9. It's not possible for me to repair a boat, with any kind of wood, twig, board... And i want to specify that i'm alone in this world.
  10. First time i post here. So, first, we have the most pragmatic rancher of all time :
  11. The health indicator of the boat mysteriously disappear after joining a server when you were previously on the boat.
  12. Sometimes, some structures (chest in my case) that we build on a boat just stay in place, in the middle on the sea, and don't "follow" the boat.