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Cannot remove The Screecher mod ?

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Hi everyone,

do you have any idea how I can uninstall this mod. I would like to "unsubscribe" through the steam workshop but it's nowhere to be found.
Plus everytime I run Don't Starve, a screen is popping up: telling me that the mod is installed and whether I want to disable it.
I would be glad to play this game as it used to be, in its mod-less state.

Cheers! :)

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Can't you just turn it off in the "Mods" menu in-game? I never subscribed to it, but I still have the mod in my "mods" folder. You can try just deleting the "Screecher" folder under steamapps\common\dont_starve\mods\

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It is actually already "disabled"  in the mods menu in-game.
I don't why the mod stopped popping-up at launch though but it's what I hoped for.

While it's still not possible to remove from the mod in-game list, it stays "disabled" so far. Hopefully, it will last that way :)

Thank you for your help


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