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  1. Would anyone make this a possiblity i really wanna play in vr
  2. Also turns out the problem was lines 90,95,964 didn't have a number so i guess that was "simple"
  3. Fixed it the only problem i have is the images dont appear do you want the script or whole file?
  4. Removed the dst compatible plus could you just tell me what code i need to put im not the best at following tutorials if you can't then il just follow the guide
  5. Alright here wand.lua try and fix or see whats wrong i guess
  6. Yes it makes my inventory disapear along with my health and everything
  7. I did put the boomerang code in the scripts .wand but all that did was make my inventor invisible i should note i deleted all the code in the wand.lua replaced it with the boomerang code and renamed everything to wand and WAND etc
  8. Go to mods and disable it there
  9. Alright thanks il test it
  10. Quick question would i have to rename the second builds parts special1 2 3 etc Another one is i dont want the special build to activate when its at a certain sanity so do i just leave the sanity script out?
  11. I wanna make a boomerang like item im using the to make it if anyone can help me thanks!
  12. Alright im gonna try it
  13. I haven't tried but will soon (sorry for dif acc but i cant remember my computer one)