New DST Character idea

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I would Like a Vegetarian, pacifist Painter!


We have Wigfrid all meat diet. I also thought it would be cool is the character had the power to decorate!! change the colour of certain objects with a paintbrush and Paint (crafted from diff colours existing items) 

The pacifist could be a total NO attack option.. or just looses sanity when they do

with great sanity gains from painting and veges.... 

I find the fighting the least appealing part of the game, I like playing with a friend who LOVES the combat.. so It would be great to stay at home decorating the base and farming veges while he was out killing bosses and protecting me


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part of a TEAM! Like I say, it could just be that they loose sanity when they attack things? lSo they CAN attack.. and kill... exactly as others can.. but come out the other side crazy? U put this pasifist with a wiggy or wolfgang... they can farm all the filler and build a base while they are off getting meat... and IF something turns up at base.. attack it a bit.. even winonna could set up a catapult to protect hem at base?

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