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  1. is that in farm plots? or naturally?
  2. @Jarrett The basic info for nosh beans DOESNT say needs CO2 only find it out when u go into the full journal (I think i MAY have noticed another one, but not sure ) (oh also a colour blic option for automation wires would be nice, my loves the game but doesnt see green, eventually we figured out that was why he struggled learning automation) @JarrettM ok... i think THIS is the right person to tag??
  3. super MP98 found the file and fixed it thanks
  4. So I was playing with a friend today who has a mod to play the forge. When I play the forge I like to swap spacebar and F around. I did this quickly in game and accidentally reassigned the main "click" to ESC ... so now to do anything in game I have to hover with mouse and hit esc... I got thru a few menus, but can't get into the controls because it also takes me back a menu still. How can i completely reset my keys!? (I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling, I'm guessing I need to manually delete some system file??) also Klei... perhaps u could put in a fail safe in the key bindings that no key can be bound to two different things??
  5. a small hiccup on our maiden voyage into the deep ocean (our REAL maiden voyage was a lake... someone got fired!) But so far looks GREAT!!
  6. DABBING IS LIFE!!!! 2nd real pic drawn with drawing tablet
  7. DABBING IS LIFE!! Until now I've been using the shape tool for all my art, but I took a "Leaf" outta Jesse's book and tried sketching on different layers improving each time.. I'm relatively happy with the result
  8. Made my friend Jack Kantus a "Hatch Kantus" based on his logo.. then we decided it needed to be sleeping