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Something actually adventure...

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i email this suggestion long ago. But since I didn’t see anything like this I thought that would be nice if I post it here too.

Usually most of updates are about adding items/mobs which is nice, but what about new game mechanics. 
What my idea is. its about new land, but something adventure. a maze. Like having a forest or desert with infinite path. and in order to get to the end (with some boss or treasure) you have to go in a specific path for exaple:  1 1 2 4 3 4 2 2 1. (may be with some hints. like some shapes in other biomes). you can see the image i made just to show my point:


its actually adventure. and to make it something just for late game or experienced players. it can be with no food source and you cant plant/build anything. the only thing can help is Bundling Wrap.

there are some games like this. but one of them i can recall, is digimon world 3 that you can watch it here:



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