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Need help with mod on weapons.

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inst.MiniMapEntity:SetIcon( "azurekatana.tex" )

You have this twice in your azuresword.lua's fn() function.

You didn't include the animation file which should be zipped in your "anim" folder.

Your inventoryimages PNG is not being automatically converted to tex/xml. Mod Tools should be doing this automatically. Otherwise, there are tools you can use. Don't know if Spriter does that part, as well.

The biggest problem is that your modinfo.lua is wrong, and this might be the cause of all of this. Your modinfo.lua is set up for DS, not for DST. Take a look in the newcomer post and findĀ "Cactus Armor.zip", to see how a normal item mod's modinfo.lua should look for DST.

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