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Character "perk" involving wetness

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The gist of it is for the past 2 days I've been trying to get one thing to work but have had no luck in accomplishing it.
Making a character who passively gets wet over time. (As silly as this might sound I generally enjoy the changes this brings.)
For the sake of growth rates and other players you can probably see why messing with the world settings is out of the question.

I've went through components I literally checked and tried just about everything I could think of. (Keep in mind I'm fairly new to this so I may have missed something) This has me at the point where I figured I have to ask for help as I've either missed something or it is something I/another would have to make, in the later case I'd want to at least verify the first.

In general, any help would be appreciated.
I'm terribly sorry if I missed something that is sitting right in front of me and this is my first time creating a topic so hopefully I've done that right.

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Well, it depends on how you define the result. If you just make your character wetter and wetter, at some point it will just have maximum wetness, and will never get rid of it. So, what is it exactly you want? It's easy enough to just make your character wetter and wetter.

If you just like that your items sometimes slip from your grasp when using them, that's not too hard to do, either.

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