A Sensible Tutorial: Wilson's Invention

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You've all seen the origin story for Don't Starve, right? And how does this fit in with a tutorial? Well...The tutorial starts with you in Wilson's house, as Wilson. The character you chose affects nothing. You have to are told to scrounge your lab for parts for Maxwell's Machine. This teaches you how to pick up stuff. After you get the parts for one chunk, you craft it, teaching you how to use the side bar. You then find more parts until you fully assemble the machine. You click on the machine, and the screen goes black. The part of the video where Wilson pulls the lever plays, and then the game starts. This way, you learn the basic mechanics of Don't Starve, while not learning too much. As said above, it doesn't matter who you choose. You do the tutorial as Wilson. When you start your game, you can choose to skip the tutorial, plopping you immediately in the game.Hopefully, this is a way to provide a tutorial to new players while making it fit the game.

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