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My Ideas for Willow's Rework

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Hi! I'm "new" here. 1st post actually so sorry if I messed something up :/


This Character has always been in a bad spot, but I enjoy her anyways. I thought I'd share my ideas while I still have a chance for some of my ideas to be added to the game.

1. I would like her to have her own special Chemical Fire that she gets when attacking with her Lighter, it wouldn't burn loot, but can still spread to nearby flammable objects.

2. Being able to set herself on Fire with her Lighter(5% Durability cost?). It would buff Willow with Speed(15-25%) and allow her to be immune to fire This would come at the cost of her losing sanity, things smoldering around her, and not being able to gain sanity from any source for the duration of the fire. It can be toggled on and off.

3. This one is meh, but I'd like to be able to buff my weapons with a fire buff(could last 40 secs) that when striking an enemy will light them on fire(with the Chemical Fire?) or even cause my weapons to produce light. It would come at the cost of Lighter Durability and causing stuff to smolder around her even if the weapon is dropped on the ground. No sanity gain from it either.

4. Being able to use her Lighter to make a fire go from to Tier 4 to her own Tier 5 which would burn Brighter, and Last Longer.

5. I liked the Gorge ability where she only required 2 logs to get to Tier 4 Fire I'd say add that too and have her Cooking Aura to speed CrockPot use, and a Fire Duration Boost Aura added as well for Campfires and Firepits

6. Please let people cook on her Lighter too, but at the cost of 2-5% instead of 1%

7. No Sanity Cost from using Fire Staff and Star Caller's Staff and Moon Caller's Staff.

8. Being able to put out something that is already on fire. Could even come at the cost of Dmg since it's on Fire and Not just Smoldering

My ideas were to just make her more Unique and have more fire related perks that come at the cost of Fire Management. Maybe some things I said aren't needed or could use a better balance I did my best to make balances that seem reasonable, but I hope you guys like my ideas and that hopefully they can be added to make her more Unique.

The Bernie stuff sounds cool too. Just hoping carrying Bernie is as Cute as it sounds!

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Welcome to the forums :)

I'm gonna comment on only some of your ideas 

4. She is gonna get more fire efficiency with the next update per se. She won't need to lighter. 

7. I agree with the fire staff and staff caller.. But she should have extra penalty for moon caller.. It's pretty much her opposite element. 

Good job on the first post. Welcome again. 

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