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I've read a number of complaints about the end of cycle reports for long-running bases causing lag and other problems.  Personally, I haven't run into the issue, but it got me thinking about some quality of life changes that could be applied to reports.

1) Allow the player to limit the number of reports that are kept.  For a 1000 cycle base, the report from cycle 2 really isn't all that important anymore.  For a player with fewer system resources, they may want to limit to 10 reports.  For someone who wants to follow their base statistics, they may want to keep 100 reports.

2) Create a tool that can export the reports into a spreadsheet, where the player could apply statistics and other maths to their game reports, such as graphing the power used per cycle, or finding which dupe tends to get sick most frequently (I'm looking at you, Mi-ma).  Or perhaps, "From cycle 85 to 115, how much oxygen was used per cycle?"  I mean, these reports have a LOT of interesting data that could be looked at in a wide variety of ways.


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