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Pathfinding corrupted ?

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Is there any reason why Ada is idle (locked) on the spot ?

I'm actually showing the navigation, and it shows nothing. But there's always 2 tiles high, and max 2 tiles to climb.

Bug from the game, or bug from me :) ?


Thanks all !

EDIT 1 : I've unbuilt tiles on the other side, same. No navigation, still ilde...


EDIT 2 : ladders don't change the status. Still no path.



LAST EDIT : Ok had to unbuild the upper tile and to build a ladder to take Ada out of this deadend. Seems that there's something wrong here, and I would think about something with pressure plates when surrounded by water, since the navigation didn't even reach the closest tile.

Here is pathfinding with another free dup. It doesn't go over the first basin.


OxCD's Factory.sav

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