Unlocking Characters Through Worlds

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Now, I made a thread a bit ago talking about the way characters are unlocked. I mentioned how much I hated it, but the thread was about if it were to not change, which I hope it does, at least rearrange the order they unlock in. Because by the time you get Wolfgang, why bother play as Wickerbottom and WX78 - you can handle research and food spoilage by then.

Well, re-ordering the characters. That's fine and dandy. But I personally believe the system just needs to be changed. It sucks, in my opinion. A lot. Oh, you survived this long? Goodie! Congrats, have some characters that don't matter.

I feel like there would be a better way to go about this. Maybe using Adventure Mode somehow? What I was thinking, is that when you started the game, Sandbox or Adventure, you had Wilson. Okay, cool. That's fine.

But, as you progress to the next world, you unlock a new tier. Based on their perks. So the second tier could be, say, Wickerbottom and WX78, as these characters are useful for new players.

You wouldn't just unlock them at that though. To unlock them, once you have unlocked the tier, you could see the character in the selection screen, instead of the LOCKED coffin, but not playable. Maybe greyed out, and you can't see the perks? Something like that.

How do you actually unlock them though? You would actually do something in the game. You have the tier unlocked, so now you can go about getting these characters in any save you have, any game mode. (Maybe not custom sandbox though, or certain settings must be set to something.)

So, for example; Wickerbottom. You unlock that tier by escaping to World 2 in adventure mode. Now, you would have to load up another save, or continue on that one, and complete something. Maybe her job would be to make an Alchemy Engine, or build _ prototypes? (But you have to get the tier first, of course.)

As you can see, I don't have the details. I just have the template, and think that Klei should seriously consider this or at least change the character system as it is. I feel like this is a great way to unlock characters and tie Adventure Mode in to Sandbox.

Tl;Dr Scrap the current character system. Instead, by escaping to a new world in Adventure Mode, you'll unlock a new tier. Each tier gives you the option to unlock one of the characters in said tier, by doing some task related to the perk.

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