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Visible Attribute Boxes in Skills Screen for Dupes Low on the List

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I had put this in the discussion thread for the newest patch notes, but thought it'd probably be best to make a formal thread in the Suggestions Forum.

It would be wonderful if in the Skills screen the attribute boxes for duplicants that are lower on the list are fully visible. As of right now any dupe that is 7th or lower on the left hand list has the bottom of their attribute box cut off. The lower they are the more than it cut off. Since we cannot scroll them up either, there is no way to move them up in order to make the box fully visible. Would be fabulous if that box was prevented from ever being off screen in any manner so the full list is always visible.

Not sure I worded that well, so here is a visual aide. : )

By the time you get down to poor ol' Meep, the only attribute visible is Construction.

Attribute Cut Off Progression.png

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