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  1. Unfortunately it is intended. There's been an ongoing discussion in the general discussion forum regarding the disease changes if you wanna take a peek over there and perhaps offer you own feelings/thoughts on the matter. IPSquiggle has indicated they are reading the thread to collect the feedback.
  2. Edit: Ignore this. -__- The cheeky brat found a mushroom somewhere while digging and had run off to grab it at the same time the other Dupe got real food. He came back minutes later with his contraband mushroom snack. Currently one of my Dupes is near death due to starving, however the notification list to the top left does not show the usual red warning that a duplicant is starving. Earlier, both Ashkan and Max were both starving and the notification list accurate showed Starving (2), but after Max ate and got his calories over 1k, it removed the warning even though Ashkan is still starving and there is no food available for him to eat, currently.
  3. infinity Work on tuning (Power Plants)

    I have the same issue as well. Posted a comment in another similar thread about power plant tuning. Including the same video here as I did there. 2019-04-21 13-31-14.mp4
  4. Also, in addition to them being cured with the Sick Bay, you need to have medicine packs produced and available for use by the appropriate level of doctor for the dupes to go to the Sick Bay. You can no longer manually assign them to be quarantined.
  5. Dupes can't upgrade any generator

    I am having a similar issue. My two tinkerers continually restart their progress for adding the microchip. Though in my case it does not appear to be related to the battery automation. The two will sit at the generators for their entire shift trying to add the chip and I can't figure out how to get them to stop. 2019-04-21 13-31-14.mp4
  6. Sometimes when my duplicants are using the Rock Granulator, multiple of them will do the task together, stacking on one another graphically. I'm unsure of what causes it happen, if there's a certain trigger or if it's just random. I have noticed at other times that while using the Rock Granulator a Duplicant will run from the red button towards the center of the machine, turn back to face right and then suddenly teleport back to the red button. Posted a little screen shot of Ashkan, Burt, Meep, and Nikola attempting to become one being while using the machine. Can't tell if there are even more of them stacked as I can only see a few of their names, Ashkan up front, and Burt's little hair bun and hat. All four of them move together, even when doing the little teleport animation skip/glitch/bug.
  7. [Game Update] - 326830

    Yay! Thank you!
  8. Can we fix the Skills screen so Dupes more than half way down actually have their attributes box fully visible? As it is now, past the first 6 or 7 dupes it begins to cut off their attributes. The further down a dupe is the more that is cut off.