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  1. Yeah, I tend to just empty out the storage and it forces it to work again, but it's frustrating. Occasionally I just have to restart it entirely to force it to work. Like someone said above, having a auto sweeper seems to only make it worse. I noticed that when I had an auto sweeper doing deliveries that the Dupes would STILL want to deliver the food. So basically I'd get the sweeper putting in all the food needed into the grill, meanwhile I had dupes trying to put the same ingredients in and getting maybe 50% of them in before the sweeper finished. Then they'd just go "Oh, ingredients done", quit, and drop the rest of the food on the floor. -__- At least put it back in the fridge ya little bugs! I've noticed something a bit similar with the fridges too. The fridge will be half empty, but they'll stop wanting to put anything in it. THAT I usually just restart for. Suppose perhaps my 'dump it out and tell them to put it back' strat might work, but I don't wanna risk the food rotting and I'd rather just do the restart in case any other storage is borked. Might as well fix it all at once, eh? That kiln screenshot though... sweet jeebes. D:
  2. I'm so torn. Part of me wants to keep going with the game I have because I STILL have never launched a rocket, but I spent three weeks away from my colony and now I can't remember what I was doing when I left and so part of me wants to just start a new one now that I know I have a good chunk of time until release. LOL Is it odd that the game's not even fully out yet and I'm already excited about what the DLC will be? Kinda hoping for the ability to transport your whole colony to a new astroid/planet with even more new biomes so you can 'start a new colony', but within the same game and with new conditions/resources/diseases to have to figure out.
  3. Thanks for letting us know! Sad to return to waiting, but I'd much much rather you guys take the time you need to polish it and make it a more enjoyable experience than releasing it in a broken state. Glad to know as well that we'll get to test run it in June too! Was hoping you guys would let us beta it. Now, to return to my anxious (and excited) waiting! Alas, such is the effect of public companies with stockholders. The stockholders want their money NOW NOW NOW NOW and don't care if the final product is shoddy so long as they get their money immediately. Never mind that they're likely to make MORE money in the long run if they have some patience and let the company make better quality products (as that will increase customer trust which in turn hopefully expands the customer base number. Additionally, people are willing to pay more for quality products, generally). At least, that's how it works in the US. Unsure about other nations.
  4. Indeed! Always changing. It's what makes the game both incredibly replayable and yet also incredibly frustrating. Will be both excited and sad to see an end to early access. Can't wait for DLC though. Curious what they have in mind. Perhaps picking up and moving to a new asteroid with new environments?
  5. As a person who has a similar issue, I think what the OP means to say is, once you finish the initial base you become paralyzed by the possibilities. You know that eventually you're meant to start refining rarer/harder to get materials into better metals and so on to eventually breach the surface. But... How exactly do you DO that and not royally fudge the whole thing beyond saving? I, myself, have slowly overcome that by just poking tentatively at google and watching youtubers (namely CrypticFox) play the game from the initial alpha/beta release until current times to give myself a guide line. However, even then, I'm still very awkwardly and nervously attempting a telescope set up right now. My anxiety at messing up and fudging the whole game 400+ cycles in is making me go agonizingly slow. (Though, it also means I'm certainly getting my bang for my buck in playtime. Haha.) But, yeah, sometimes you don't even know what you need. Just being able to scroll through a list of different creations for say: - O2 generation - Decontamination - Ranching (both manual or automation) - ANYTHING automated - Cooling set ups - Steam creation and containment And so on, helps you realize, "Oh! That's a problem I hadn't even considered... Oh dear. I should get on that." Or just gives you inspiration for a new project while you wait on materials to be made for another one.
  6. Nope, you're not alone. As many others have said, I too enjoyed the immunity system, but feel it should've been a little harsher for things like Food Poisoning. Slimelung felt suitably dangerous (slow death by suffocation if untreated. Basically pneumonia), but, as Gus mentioned below: I didn't have to do a darned thing for Food Poisoning. Never had them wash hands before cooking (didn't they read the 'all employees must wash hands before returning to work' sign in the bathrooms!?) and didn't care if the germs got into the fresh water source. No one got it, so I didn't bother to pay attention to it. I, too, would like to see the old immunity system back and tweaked so: A) Food Poisoning is actually a problem. It still isn't with the new medicine system, it just costs me some resources in tablets and boop, they're fine again. (Though it did at least finally make me install a sink into the kitchen.) B) Different diseases take down immunity faster than others. This gives things like Zombie Spores more chances to instill the fear they deserve. Gives certain diseases the added sense of danger to go with their severity. (Seriously, though, I have a block of CO2 with over ONE MILLION Zombie Spore germs in it. wtf?) C) The more germs a dupe is exposed to the faster the immunity can drop. (No more, oop! Walked through a tile of 100 germs! Guess who's gonna be in your clinic tomorrow!? This gal!) D) Exposure to multiple illnesses means you can get more than one at a time and they all do damage to your immunity. As a person who has had pneumonia, food poisoning, and ear infections ALL AT THE SAME TIME (dear lord, WHY!?), this is very much a thing in real life and, dear merciful dupe creators, do you wanna avoid that. Perhaps it would be a little too much for the game, but I feel like it would add a decent sense of complexity in that, "Okay, this dupe got exposed to slimelung today. I will want to keep them working either in the swamp biome or in the base. I don't want to risk exposing them to (insert new disease from one of the three new biomes) and getting them double infected." Means breaking your work force into various teams so no one dupe, or team, is exposed to multiple illnesses at a time. (Unless you wanna play risky and be a dare devil like that.)
  7. Agreed 100%. Never having played on harder immunity settings, I had never been overly careful about base sterilization, so once the system changed it was a bit of a nightmare. A single puff of diluted and less than 1k germ filled PO2 was enough to keep my dupes in a endless cycle of illness for the entire early game. Even with almost 2 dozen deodorizers in my small base that darned puff eluded me. Always juuust high enough to avoid the deoderizers, while still periodically blipping down low enough to infect someone. That or they'd just sneeze directly on top of another Dupe... Eventually with medication and even MORE deodorizers I got a handle on it, but it was only stressful because it was frustrating, not because it was any real challenge. It just made everything that much slower in early game, but I no longer had the 'fear put in me' of illness. It has become less "Oh no, Bubbles! SHE'S DYING! MEEP! SAVE HER, MAN!" and more, "FFS, Bubbles, stop sneezing and JUST GO. I know you're sick, but suck it up. I've had pneumonia and I still worked. You're fine." Having had food poisoning many a times of late (d'oh!) I like the idea of more consequence, but instead of eating more food (definitely the LAST thing I wanted to do with food poisoning) I'd say more time in the bathroom if you don't want to go the vomiting route. (But seriously... so much vomit. It was horrible.) Or just make them run to the toilet to vomit. (Though then I'd question why the stress vomiter doesn't do that. But... then again... as a person who literally has stress vomiting I have definitely thrown up in hallways or stairwells before I've had time to run to a bathroom. So embarrassing.) (... With all these personal experience asides I'm starting to wonder if I'm not a Dupe myself. Oh no.) This. I would seriously love a way to decontaminate the air better. Perhaps a machine that, while it may not change the oxygen type from polluted to clean, it can kill off germs in the air. Any type. Have it use chlorine via a gas pipe intake or some such. Make it costly to build and/or run if you want to be sure it's not just an easy solution to something like Zombie Spores or Allergies, but it would be nice to have SOMETHING to speed up cleaning slimelung from the air and to have some means of ensuring Zombie Spores isn't a total base wipe and allergic dupes can have safety zones (such as a cleaner in their bedroom and dining area). Keep in mind, I've yet to truly deal with Zombie Spores, so my remarks about it are based purely on what I've read in forum comments. I've really only encountered it once and I just built tiles around the infected seed, air, and oil until every tile with germs was sealed off. The only other two pockets with germs I'm refusing to open period. From what I've read the only way to 'deal' with it is to simply not have to deal with it... Aka, never encounter it to begin with. Question, though... I've so far had two Sporechid seeds. One spawned from a cracked tile as a buried object and the other was uprooted from a withered sporechid in sour gas. The buried object seed fell immediately into oil and nothing happened. The withered plant seed, while it was in sour gas and entirely germ free air, fell into oil and immediately started spreading germs from itself in both oil and air (the CO2, not the Sour Gas) and it is still continuing to spawn more germs within it's little contained area now. Why is the one seed spreading germs, but the other isn't? The flower was withered from the start of the game and was never 'unwithered'. Are the seeds supposed to spread germs and the one that isn't is bugged? Or did the state change from withered to seed just produce germs? And is THAT a bug? Or is that intended behavior? D: I'm confused. Halp.
  8. Ah, okay, so it was what I initially thought. Oddly it's the early game where I don't have that issue. I'm in what I suppose is midgame at this point. Been working on upgrading ladders, floors, adding firepoles/tubes, and such while I work on making enough steel to start poking at space with a stick, but they're still fussin' at me. Just learn to run faster!
  9. Perhaps, but I shouldn't need to give them 1/3 of the day or more off just to stop that notification. They already have more moral than they'll ever need (most are 36+). Giving them more time off just makes it take even longer to get projects done. I'm only in the mid 300s for cycles. Still a lot to do. Edit: And actually, looking at my colony, they DO get exactly 33% of the day off. 8 of the 24 time slots for each shift are either washroom time, break time, or sleep.
  10. Agreed. They should make a batch of pills and even then I feel like the allergy debuff should still be tweaked. Even with meds always on hand it feels a little excessive in terms of punishment, especially when floral scents is such a benefit to every other duplicant. One of those situations where it's better to just never take a dupe with allergies than bother with the medication for them and the buff of the floral scents isn't worth avoiding for one or two allergic dupes. And would much rather them have one seed make a batch of pills than increase the drop rate of seeds. Already inundated with them for every plant around cycle 300.
  11. As a 'newbie' I disagree. I've never once needed to use the medicine vials produced with the eggs, but the moment I saw the recipe I went about getting Sun Bugs and making a ranch to premake vials. First thing I did when this new update came out and this is my first game where I actually have gotten into 'mid game' content. (I took a 1.5 year break pretty much on this game from when diseases first came out and returned near the end of the QOL 2 update.) My irritation at slimelung without medication has ensured that I always keep a stock of all meds on hand at all times. Didn't need to be experienced with the game beyond that to get the hint.
  12. Yeeeep, that's the one! Finally got down to it and had my dupes deconstruct the items to get them to finally shut up. OMG, YES. THE LONG COMMUTES. That notification drives me nutters. There's no way to make it go away unless they're just living in their work stations, it feels like. Upgraded floors and ladders for quicker movement? Long commutes. +14 Athletics? Long commutes. Fire poles? Better believe that's a long commute. Tubes to zip them across the whole map in 4 seconds? WELL THAT'S FOUR SECONDS TOO LONG, MY FRIEND! LONG COMMUTE! Shame on you! I want to see the design of a base in mid to end game that legitimately isn't 'long commutes'. I want to know what that looks like (or if it's even possible).
  13. Agreed. That and the option to select which notifications I want on/off. Tired of the 'building broken/flooded' messages too for buildings in ruins. Yes, I get it, game. I have five broken buildings and 44 skill points to spend. Staaahp. Edit: Would be nice if there was an option on the building to disable notifications, like we can do with disinfect/repair. (Also, can we get a mass disable disinfect option? Tired of doing it one at a time. (Unless there is one and I'm just blind/stupid. Trick question, I'm both already.))
  14. How Mk desease work ?

    As an added tidbit, the Sporechid is found in the oil biome. You generally don't need to worry about it early on unless you really go ham digging downward early on.
  15. Even with their 1k coughs it's difficult to see. Frequently I can only tell it's there either by really leaning in and examining the screen like an old lady attempting to read without her glasses or by hoping I'll notice the minute fluctuation in color when it shifts tiles. I can only imagine for folks with color blindness it's even more flustering. (Though, really, the whole game likely is since it's so heavily color dependent for gases and germs. *Cough* Color blind mode, Klei. *Cough*)