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Allow us to deconstruct all items in the "ruins" or none at all.

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Now that the game has a launch date, I'd like to address an issue that has come up multiple times on this forum without a resolution. Why aren't all of the objects found in ruins deconstructable? What's the reasoning behind this? Is it intended to be an obstacle for construction of bases or an oversight? For people that like to build bases symmetrically, it can often be a pain. It seems like a random and unfun constraint especially considering that some (but not all) the objects part of a ruin are deconstructable. It's also not consistently applied. Why is a thermo-nullifier and the tiles around it deconstructable but the door or ladders not? That just seems silly to me. My proposed solution is:

  1. Either make none of the objects deconstructable; or
  2. Make all the objects deconstructable.

If the issue is the materials you'd get out of deconstructing some objects, do what was done with the comfy beds. If you deconstruct them you don't get plastic, you get obsidian instead.

I know this may seem like a minor issue compared to other things, but it's really bothersome for some of us.

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So much yes.

And it would be cool if I could decontruct items to their actual materials. Ruins wouldn't be a sustainable source of plastic, but they would provide *some*, and there are plenty of situations when *some* is exactly what you need.

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