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  1. After the patch my game keeps crashing at random intervals. Prior to the patch I only used "quality of life" mods (like bigger camera zoom out) but went ahead and disabled all mods just in case. After doing that It was working ok for a couple of cycles/saves but now the current save crashes as soon as I try to run it. Save file and output log included. This is the first patch that has ever caused crashing on my computer/setup. Oasisse II.sav
  2. @Ipsquiggle Please consider allowing us to deconstruct all items in a ruin (or none at all) for the launch. It feels broken and silly that only some items are deconstructable and you end up with floating tables and doors you can't deconstruct. It's been posted a lot of times on the forums and I was really hoping it would be fix before the final launch. Thank you! Some examples of posts and people complaining about this issue:
  3. I had the same issue. Oddly enough the version up on is actually not the latest. When I downloaded the source and ran it locally, those traits show up. It seems this was fixed months ago. (in September)