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  1. With extra-hot and extra-cold maps added, temperature overlay frequently becomes useless as it cannot distinguish between -50 and +5 Celsius, even though from the player's perspective they're totally different. So it would be super-nice if there was a setting and/or slider on temperature overlay which would allow me to set the "base" temperature - essentially letting me examine an arbitrary temperature window in a greater detail, moving that window up and down along the temperature scale as I wish.
  2. Right now 2nd tier Ranching skill doesn't add anything except flat skill upgrade. I'd suggest to rename it to "Critter Breeding" and add some special effects to it. 1. If a creature with mutated egg potential is groomed by a dupe with Ranching II skill, it's bonuses towards any mutated eggs are increased. So a rancher grooming a hatch that's been fed Sandstone has no effect. A rancher grooming a hatch that's been fed Sedimentary will result in much higher chance of a Stone Egg. 2. Additionally, being groomed by 2nd tier rancher could somewhat increase creature's environmental tolerances (to a limited degree, so it's a nice bonus but not something you'd base your gameplay on).
  3. It would be nice if I could click on the final skill I want a dupe to learn, and then every time it gains a skill point it would automatically go and gain next skill in the progression queue and wear the new hat (for as long as it's higher-tier than the one it's currently wearing).
  4. My experiences with the research tree are pretty negative so far. Zoom values on the research screen feel poorly chosen to me. Either I'm zooming too close to see the tree itself, or I'm too far to read any particulars. Tree can be scrolled by holding either left or right mouse buttons, but using left button frequently results in accidentally switching current research which is super annoying. Already researched techs are displayed with white background - and specific objects are also displayed with white background. This often makes it very difficult to understand what parts are already researched and what parts are simply full of stuff. Finding what branch is currently being researched is pretty hard as well, it doesn't stand out in any way.
  5. IIRC PH2O tiles only emit PO2 in only two directions: top and left. They don't emit to the right or bottom tiles.
  6. It doesn't make sense though. If a plant doesn't need water, the solution is to ignore water in the pipes, not to suddenly dump it. Current behavior completely ruins the possibility to switch plants as needs go, forcing the player to remove/add piping each time he switches his farm between berries and mealroots. And polluted water especially can ruin people's farms due to unexpected PO2 emissions. It doesn't look "quality of life" to me.
  7. The game still nags you with a "missing med-bed" message though.