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Lagging Savant Industries

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Hello Ladies and Gentledupes,

I represent Lagging Savant Industries and am announcing setting up shop in an asteroid near you.

Such wonderful and amazing technologies you have never seen before via modifications. The mechanic and tinkerer is hard at work and will soon be able to send you such wonderful inventions as:

Stasis Pod - Have too many dupes sucking up the oxygen that was not included? Everyone dying of that lung rotting disease? Not enough food to go around? Well here is your answer. Have anyone with a smidgen of doctoring training lock up those mouth breathers and put them in a long cold sleep. Hopefully someone will still be around to wake them up.

Instantiation Teleportation Device  - Utilizing what little we know about the printing device, our R&D department is hard at work brainstorming how to move duplicate matter from point A to point B. We make no guarantee that everything will be cloned correctly. Our deep copy algorithm is theorized to be 99.999% accurate.

Bots - Who needs dupes when you can spin up bot that can perform basic tasks. No need to eat, sleep, pee or breath. This has created somewhat of a paradox as our staff needs to run extra on the treadmill to keep the bots up all night. Might have to look into having the bots run on the treadmill to power themselves.

Remember, all sales are final and we are an LLC so we can't be held liable to any losses of life, commodities or mishaps during implementation. Contracting services can be provided for an honest hourly rate.

Thank you for your time and feedback is welcome.

(Wasting time while I wait for the official release of the mod templates from ONI staff, have a great day)


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