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The Journal of Wilson P. Higgsbury

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I know there are quite a few of these out there already but i wnated to try and give it a wack :) The journal of Wilson P. HiggsuburyDay 1 The Waking“what where-““Hey there pal you don’t look so good you should find something to eat before dark”“Who the he-““”woosh”“what the!”Man that was weird I wonder where am I Who was that guy I was just in my lab building that machine –I pulled the lever and then those hand they- I shivered. i should find some things before night who knows what horrors there are on this island I shiver again..............I find this shiny rock of the floor it feels sharp.This grass would be helpful for a fire but i would need some wood....Maybe these sticks and flint might be useful to make an axe, great, brilliant, science has helped me.Its dusk now i need to make a fire........Its a good thing i made a fire because its hideously dark out there and i see these eyes they send shivers down me they stare at me and will me to step out into the darkness.... if you want more please leave a comment and some constructive Criticism :)

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Don't starve*Day 2 for science!I am so hungry. I found some seeds on the ground and some berries on a bush so I ,I lightly toasted them over the fire and ate them as a breakfast I did see some rabbits but when I tried to sneak up on them they screeched and ran for its hole. I found a carrot in the ground, *not sure wether to eat it or use it as bait to the bunny out of its hole......*I found some massive boulders, so decided to craft a pick using some flint and twigs to try and harvest some rocks, after I broke apart five rocks and collected enough flint and stone I found a lump of gold!This means that I can create I scientific processing machine!!So excited but it starts to turn dark so o build a longer lasting fire place using the rocks I foraged and then created my science machine! I decided a weapon would be top priority, so I processed *the raw materials needed to create a spear. This is going to be so helpful. Day one is up already if you want to check it out leave me a good rating if you enjoyed it would be much appreciated:)

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