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  1. Hey guys this is my fourth post hope you like it Wolfgang's back storyWolfgang was born in France next to the eiffel tower,His farther was a Russian a big beefy man with froggy eyes and a great tweed moustache he used to brush and wax every day.As Wolfgang grew up it became evident that one day he would be as big and beefy as his farther, by the age of thirteen he already had a blooming and large moustache that stretched across his face,*One day in the playground *Monty a great brute with three thin hairs that clung to his chin which he was very proud of his chin but got miffed whenever he saw Wolfgang because of his blooming moustache, he came up to him one day and shoving him in the corner he began to punch and beat him,Then Wolfgang slowly stood up under a hail of punches,Wolfgang caught his fist and twisting it broke Monty's arm sending crying to the nurses room.This is but one example of Wolfgang's unusual child hood.*As he became an adult he developed quite a few Hobbies he was a chef for his fathers restaurant, he was a strong man at the circuis but his true passion was facial hair barber,But when he turned twenty he dropped all his hobbies and turned his attention to being a strong man, he'd do shows once a week and was the main attraction,Then one day on the middle of the show he noticed a rather dapper looking man sitting in the shadow at the back of the theatre, after the show the man approached me, he was tall and daunting wearing a rather sharp suit,He said in a smooth voice "hello there....... my name is Maxwell.*I must ask you would you be interested in filling the position of one of my facial hair saloon staff, one of my test subjects- *hurm...... Staff died rather unexpectedly it is on a desert island resort,And there is a gentleman sciencetest that has an amazing beard that just needs to be trimmed to perfection.Wolfgang delighted by then offer accepted immediately.The earth shook for a fraction for a second then these dark groping hands came up out if the earth reaching and grabbing Wolfgang lept and danced in panic but the hands where to strong for the strongman, and they pulled him into the ground...............Say pal you don't look so goodYou should find something eat before might comes................
  2. Don't starve*Day 2 for science!I am so hungry. I found some seeds on the ground and some berries on a bush so I ,I lightly toasted them over the fire and ate them as a breakfast I did see some rabbits but when I tried to sneak up on them they screeched and ran for its hole. I found a carrot in the ground, *not sure wether to eat it or use it as bait to the bunny out of its hole......*I found some massive boulders, so decided to craft a pick using some flint and twigs to try and harvest some rocks, after I broke apart five rocks and collected enough flint and stone I found a lump of gold!This means that I can create I scientific processing machine!!So excited but it starts to turn dark so o build a longer lasting fire place using the rocks I foraged and then created my science machine! I decided a weapon would be top priority, so I processed *the raw materials needed to create a spear. This is going to be so helpful. Day one is up already if you want to check it out leave me a good rating if you enjoyed it would be much appreciated:)
  3. I know there are quite a few of these out there already but i wnated to try and give it a wack The journal of Wilson P. HiggsuburyDay 1 The Waking“what where-““Hey there pal you don’t look so good you should find something to eat before dark”“Who the he-““”woosh”“what the!”Man that was weird I wonder where am I Who was that guy I was just in my lab building that machine –I pulled the lever and then those hand they- I shivered. i should find some things before night who knows what horrors there are on this island I shiver again..............I find this shiny rock of the floor it feels sharp.This grass would be helpful for a fire but i would need some wood....Maybe these sticks and flint might be useful to make an axe, great, brilliant, science has helped me.Its dusk now i need to make a fire........Its a good thing i made a fire because its hideously dark out there and i see these eyes they send shivers down me they stare at me and will me to step out into the darkness.... if you want more please leave a comment and some constructive Criticism