Is any DLC planned?


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Today,i got to finish this brilliant game on New game plus difficulty setting(not hard at all).

I already have all scrolls,secondary objectives,etc done as well(eventualy) everything unlocked.

I must say,i love this game and i want more(im sure other gamers agree).

Is there any planned DLC,like additional levels or a paralel story with another ninja(with its own levels ofc),or even going back on the "history" and playing in a different timeline(XVI century for example)?

Right now,i would gladly pay 10 euros for an extra level(a real hard,yet smart one).

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Hey Carlos! Thanks for the kind words. Glad to hear you enjoyed the game!

We don't have any details for Mark of the Ninja DLC or a followup at the moment, but if we were to announce something like that we'd be shouting it loud on our social. I'd keep an eye on our Facebook and Twitter (see my forum signature).


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