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  1. Is any DLC planned?

    Today,i got to finish this brilliant game on New game plus difficulty setting(not hard at all). I already have all scrolls,secondary objectives,etc done as well(eventualy) everything unlocked. I must say,i love this game and i want more(im sure other gamers agree). Is there any planned DLC,like additional levels or a paralel story with another ninja(with its own levels ofc),or even going back on the "history" and playing in a different timeline(XVI century for example)? Right now,i would gladly pay 10 euros for an extra level(a real hard,yet smart one).
  2. Hangman's Hymn and Emperor's Abyss bugged[Xbox360]

    Solved it! I selected the third level(replayed it) and now it lets me do the hangman's hymn on any level. Haven't tried Emperor's Abyss though,but i assume it will work out just fine.
  3. Just Wanted To Say Thanks To The Devs

    My mark of the ninja that i purchased from xbox live arcade is a beta?I think you are confused.
  4. Just Wanted To Say Thanks To The Devs

    Sign me in!I still can't find the reason why was this game so cheap(not even 20 euros).Maybe because its destribution is made digitally.This and XCOM: Enemy Unknown are my favourite games of the year so far.
  5. Hangman's Hymn and Emperor's Abyss bugged[Xbox360]

    Much appreciated.
  6. Hangman's Hymn and Emperor's Abyss bugged[Xbox360]

    Just a small question: has anyone verified my game save,or should i send it via another way(e-mail for example). I just want confirmation that this bug indeed exists,and that i am not here just to bother the team(which i have the utmost respect).
  7. Hangman's Hymn and Emperor's Abyss bugged[Xbox360]

    As promised,here is my save file,copied from my Xbox360 HDD,compressed with winrar and stored on my cloud host: If by any chance,you manage to "fix it",i would be greatly apreciated.
  8. Hangman's Hymn and Emperor's Abyss bugged[Xbox360]

    The abilities are being done to the letter( i have even consulted a youtube video). Hangman's Hymn: I tested it several ways,several times,the most recent was done over a guard that was stationed below a hanging point,which i descended using the "hook and rope" and trying to press X as i was next to him(not even a butom prompt appeared). Basically i have followed to the letter,everything as this video shows: Additionally,if you want,i can send you my save file for you to confirm the veracity of the situation.
  9. Hangman's Hymn and Emperor's Abyss bugged[Xbox360]

    As stated on the title,this is the Xbox360 version.
  10. Hangman's Hymn and Emperor's Abyss bugged[Xbox360]

    It is happening since i started playing,until now.So,its been more than 2 days. Even though the skills are checked as "upgraded/purchased",it is impossible to do them,just like one has never bought/upgraded them. Restarting levels,checkpoints,passing levels-nothing works.
  11. Hangman's Hymn and Emperor's Abyss bugged[Xbox360]

    No one had any issue like this? Im still trying to decide whether or not i should just erase the save game and start from the begining of the game,or wait for someone to acknowlege this bug and either try to help me fix it or just say: "Sorry,it is a bug,you must restart from the begining,since a patch for the xbla version is not in our plans". Or even a provide me with a game save that allows me to start from level 5 with everything i had done(basically: all medals,undected,every perfect stealth kill,etc in the previous 4 levels.
  12. Yesterday i started playing this so far brilliant game and i made it to level 3,to a part where one has acess to its first upgrades. I purchased Hangman's Hymn and Emperors Abyss and decided to quit for the night(had to work very early in the morning). When i resumed playing today,i was at the checkpoint right before the "upgrade shrine",and so i made my way there only to find out that i had already purchased the upgrades(the game saved before quitting). The problem is,i cant do either of those moves(skills),yet i can do the ones i bought recently(the bat kill for example) as i am currently on level 5. Anyone else encountered this problem?Any advice on how to fix it?