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Speed of chop/mine/shovel/hammer?

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I've been looking through the modding tutorials, and the game's scripts located in Don't Starve Together/data/databundles/ but I can't seem to find what I'm after. I know that Woodie swings Lucy faster than a normal axe, and I'm pretty sure this is defined in the axe and not the character, because if you pick up a normal axe, for the first swing until it turns into Lucy, Woodie swings slower. So, anyone know how I can change the chopping speed for an axe? Also, mining speed, shoveling speed, hammering speed? I'm making a mod that will have a new character that starts with a multi-tool and will get to cook hard-tack.

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Pretty sure what you'll have to look at is the stategraphs / animations. When starting e.g. an axe chop, the stategraph takes over, plays the priming animation, waits for it to finish, then plays the chop animation which has been queued up afterwards, then waits for that to finish, and then the state accepts the chop as done, plays the sound, and makes the chop take effect on the tree, and the tree takes it from there, dropping loot and playing its own animation etc..

The stategraph literally waits for the amount of frames in the chopping animations, before the chop-action is considered finished. I don't have more time to look into this, and I'm also not super knowledgeable around animations and stategraphs, but that's where you'll find your gold. Whether it's possible to do, I can't say.

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