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Player damage nerf discusssion


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I've had this game for quite some time now (just a little after the birds, bees and dogs update)

...and I am shocking at it...

I believe my record for days survived is about 23... I've died more times than I care to recall... to no further survival avail....

I struggled enough when I could kill spiders in two strikes from my spear... but now taking 5 to kill a tinsey little spider I'm lucky to survive untill day 6.. and that's not even when the first round of hounds come... in attacking one enemy (even kiting them like a pro :p) I lose a significant ammount of health.. which food just doesn't seem to restore any more. It's a viscous cycle of not having health and needing to kill enemies for food for health... (if that makes sense).

Although I love don't starve, and the devs do an amazing job making sure that everything they include into the game is super planned out and thought through... in some cases, there are just some nerfs that render the game unplayable for some (like me)

Do not think of this as a 'REMOVE THE DAMAGE NERF' thread, I honestly don't care if it remains as it... rather think of it as a discussion about your thoughts, how you've coped and changed to the nerf and how a terrible player such as I can maybe survive long enough to make it to winter... :/

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I have been having a hell of a time with this patch, I Was never much of a play with brawn player but now using pigs is incredibly time consuming and ineffective, the pigs primitive kiting Is good against treants, But everything else slaughters anything less then a mob of them without much care.

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