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Thoughts on new skill system

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I've mixed opinions about the new skill system. I like a few things but feel many others aren't yet as good as the old way of doing things.


1) End of dupe careers. Previously, I'd shuffle around dupes to train them in a bunch of things and keep morale expectations from getting too high. I understand this is a bit more work, but right now I'll drop a dupe in a job and leave him there. The old way felt, to me, more lived in.

2) No meaningful experience / time in grade. The old way, dupes had to spend time doing something in order to learn the next step. The new way is faster but allows you to diversify the dupes without them putting in their time.

2a) It also messes up artwork. Previously, I'd take a decent Creativity dupe, have her carve and recarve a bunch of statues, and after considerable time make decent art. Now, I'd level that dupe 3x times doing whatever, plow those points into art, and start at Masterwork. I think needing to have the so-so art as the dupe improved added something.

3) Skill points vs skills. Using the same term for "the dupe is now +1 mining" and "the dupe is ready to train at another job" is confusing.

4) I'm less able to see what jobs are covered at a glance. If I see I have someone training as a groundskeeper, I know I've set a dupe to tidy as their top priority.


1) I like the changed morale system. A dupe who has trained at level one in three jobs should expect more from life than one who has trained in only one. I also like how their expectations increase less for their favored jobs. It makes that detail more meaningful than just completing that training more quickly.


1) Bring back job experience. Artists need to craft a bunch in order to learn their trade. Miners get better the more stuff they dig through. If you give a dupe Gofer training but don't have her hauling stuff, she shouldn't be ready for heavier loads as quickly as the dupe constantly on the go. This does let you train in multiple things as once.

2) I'd like some kind of career development plan. For instance, I intend for a new dupe to be a Mechtronic Engineer. So, I mark all the required skills and can fill them in as experience becomes available.

3) Tweak hats. Old hats told me what job the dupe was training in and how good they were. The current way feels off.


Anyhow, I hope this is useful. I look forward to further updates.

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