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Deep holes, liquid, digging, and Atmo

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Hello.  I have a strange behavior to report which may or may not be a bug.  In my most recent game, I began digging a 6-square wide hole straight down towards the oil biome.  This hole filled with a lot of water as I dug.  Later I installed an Atmo suit station, and built a ladder / fire pole combo into the hole, all the way down.

I noticed that my dupes would slide down the pole all the way, correctly.  They would dig one square, correctly.  Then they would climb up the laddar, just until their head crested the liquid, and then they'd jump back on the fire pole to slide down and dig another square.  This was an unnecessary behavior, as their Atmo suits have plenty of air still.

This results in a lot of wasted time, but I guess the digging gets done eventually.  Still it seems like a bug, I guess!

////////////// Later edit:

So upon closer inspection, the dupes were digging squares with a priority of 7 and 8.  When I set the priority to 9, the behavior went away...

So it looks like it's not technically a bug.  But it's definitely a head-scratcher. :)

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I saw somebody complaining about this behaviour. It seems like the dupes reset their task queue when going out of liquids in atmo suits resulting in changing their current order. Seems to be a bug.

Anyway if it wasn`t bugged dupes would probably run all the way to the base before digging another square.

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