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  1. Creative solution! But my bunker doors are built at the edge of the buildable zone. Oh well maybe I'll try that next time. For now I've been forced do disassemble my hydrogen engines, sandbox away the broken regolith, and then manually rebuild the engines. Blah.
  2. Ahhhh okay shoot. I can't build bunker doors beneath, because I have a water pool with 4x steam turbines there to absorb the heat. Looks like I'll just have to use Sandbox mode to keep deleting it.
  3. Title says it all! I built two hydrogen rockets next to each other with open access to space above (and meteor showers). The rockets landed, and were subsequently buried in new regolith. When I went to dig it out, several squares of it became invincible and I wasn't able to dig them out. The undiggable squares seem to be located at the center tile of the hydrogen engine. The left hand rocket has a two-tile-tall undiggable pile. The right rocket has a single undiggable tile. I've included a screenshot. Even when I deleted the hydrogen engines (shown in the screenshot), the regolith remained undiggable. My guys just sit there and drill at it for minutes, but nothing happens. Any advice for how to get rid of this stuff? Or am I just hosed?