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Hacky way to spawn/teleport prefab at center of tile ?

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Hi everyone, I'm currently struggling to find a solution to my problem : The title

I don't think there is a way to directly spawn something at the center of a tile on the world gen (if it is well it'll be awesome)

So I at least try to make a function for the prefab to teleport it to its current tile center

I've tried and my result is somehow...


Yeah Wilson, you're right.

Also, I don't want to use layout/static_layout for the spawn of those for reasonable reasons :)

Thanks a lot for the help... I mean, I can't find this my myself ^^

Just a quick reminder if it help, the worldgen spawn only a single prefab for each tile so that's why I need to teleport the prefab to its own tile


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Welp no matter, I finder out something useful and it worked, thanks anyway if someone tried a solution

local cx, cy, cz = map:GetTileCenterPoint(x, 0, z)
inst.Physics:Teleport(cx, 0, cz)


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