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my walk-through & designs

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My walk-through & designs (google spreadsheet):


I made this for myself, so that I'd have a reference for each time I replayed this game, because it's a bit much to hold all of the steps and all of the designs in your head.  It's been super helpful for me.  I offer it here since it may help other people too.  I've played about 250 hours, across perhaps 6 play-throughs (with a lot of reverting when I realized my strategy wasn't working or wasn't optimal), so this stuff is solid now.  The walk-through includes screenshots and explanations for my:

 - layout for industrial base & cooling thereof

 - extension of the SPOM to also cool water, with a power station to increase efficiency.  (EPHOWG, the Enhanced Power, Hydrogen, Oxygen, Water Generator)

 - design for an entirely passive cooling system for the cool steam geysers (using one AETN, but no power, no automation, minimal insulated piping)  (TPAC, the Totally Passive AETN Cooler)

 - design for a duskcap/puft ranch combo which is the least-water-per-kcal food source possible in the game; with automation.  (FSAS, the Food & Slime Automation System)

 - design for producing liquid oxygen and liquid hydrogen for your cryofuels rocket (LHOS, the Liquid Hydrogen Oxygen System)

 - design for producing natural gas from crude oil - generates enough water to make an oil well go and makes crude oil sustainable as well as fully (over) powering the industrial base.  (PNaGG, the Petroleum Natural Gas Generator)

The spreadsheet also has a lot of my various calculations to determine what the best design is, a list of possible changes to the game that the devs might consider, and a version of the walk-through which is faster if you find a cool slush geyser (it's faster since you can support more dups), and a page of links to really helpful resources (like the rocket calculator, the ONI biology page, etc).  I couldn't have built this walk-through without all of the wonderful stuff that other people have build before me. 

If you'd rather just look at the screenshots of the machines and layouts, you can see them all here, along with two saves games you can load up: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1b5BtoOh4E1z8uJ69d4hNquked629Wlab

I've really enjoyed Oxygen Not Included, so hats off to the developers.  Congrats on making one of the best games I've ever played.  I'm really looking forward to the final release, where I hope you finish the story - I will play through one final time for that.  Otherwise, as always happens with games for me, I'm done :)



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Nice job, details and personal feeling/remarks are a must :)

Quick questions regarding your sav file:

* you are using a lot of wheezeworts for your cooling setups (without collecting those in ice biome) ... I always runs out of wheezeworts on my side

* howto analyze geyser without Scientist ?


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