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Ink Trail and Ink Damage Perk

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I made my friend his persona for DST the other day and was trying to think of perks I could give him.



Is it possible to make a trail of ink as he walks? (after 10 steps/trail splotches the 1st one vanishes upon the 11th appearing, so there are only ever 10 splotches on screen maximum)

I would like it so that any enemy entity that crosses through the ink trail will be slowed down for a set amount of time. (which i think may be possible with the locomotive script, or maybe the script for the spider-web floors that slow down the player...?) 

Naturally this perk would not work in the rain though, so if it’s raining, then no trail.

is any of this possible?

and if so... where would I put the “Ink Texture” that the trail would consist of?



I was wondering if it was possible to make the character do “Ink Damage” to enemies.

What I mean is... if this character damages an enemy, that enemy would be *SLIGHTLY* slowed down.

This perk would also not work if it is raining.


Thanks for the help! I hope to make this work!


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Nothing is impossible if you are eager to do something with the desire. 

I think all the features you want is implementable. Printing the footstep corresponds to the actual step animation is the problem though. Needs some tests.

Here are my suggestions.

About the first :
- You will need to create an 'ink footstep' prefab. So creating, vanishing or counting it becomes possible.

- Footsteps should belong to the player prefab. So footsteps can be printed 10 per the mod player.

- Each footstep should have information about when is being printed to delete 1st one if 11th one prints.

- Footsteps should vanish automatically. So we won't think about player disconnecting or something else.

- I can't imagine "the trail of ink". Why don't you draw a picture you imagine it?

- Slowing enemies or Vanishing it in rain is just absolutely implementable. I'll add the code later.

Second :
- Everything Is just possible. Even you can override the entities color slightly blacker. 
Like this. If you hit an enemy with that sword, it will get DOT damage and slightly be 'reddished'.
Here's the code (well the comment is not your language though..)

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