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2 hours ago, SuperCoolAnt said:

In the door settings, you can specify who can go through it

I mean, sure, but I don't want to keep people out of rooms necessarily. Say I want to set aside some food, just in case. It'd be nice not to have to build an entire extra sterile room so I can keep it separate from the regular pantry. I obviously can't just lock everyone out of the food storage area, and just keeping one dupe out won't stop it from being eaten, and I don't want to change the food settings, because I don't want to categorically block the food. I just want to forbid dupes from using a few specific items sometimes.

Lol, maybe this game just reminds me of Dwarf Fortress so much that my first instinct is to use Dwarf Fortress designations on things. I also find myself wanting to use the dump designation to move items to specific areas without having to build a storage compactor and then empty it out to get items back on the ground.

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