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  1. I see a bug. Try searching by these rules: eyJydWxlcyI6W3sidmFsdWUiOjAuNiwiY29tcGFyYXRvciI6IkF0TGVhc3QiLCJvYmplY3QiOiJtZXRoYW5lIiwidHlwZSI6IlRvdGFsT3V0cHV0IiwiZ3JvdXBJZCI6MCwiaWQiOjB9XSwidHJhaXRzVG9FeGNsdWRlIjpbXSwidHJhaXRzVG9JbmNsdWRlIjpbXX0= We get duplicate values. For example, the code "SNDST-A-240584277-0" appears at least three times.
  2. Oxygen is lighter than steam. He pushes the steam down. This schema worked for several dozen cycles until I noticed that it broke. Under the turbine is steam with a temperature above 300 degrees and a volume of 120 kilogram. The turbine should have been activated !!! If you go, break the turbine and build it again, it works again as expected. This is clearly a bug.
  3. I'm not sure about that. When a pacu clears the way up the stairs, then immediately the dublicant can reach the excavation site. Coincidence ? I don't know, it just seems really weird. I can't dig up a wide body of water and my base is flooding. Also. When I found a place where the duplicator could reach (in length, underwater), and then dug there 1 block down. After this, the dublicant could reach the site of the excavation. Thus, the excavation of only 1 single block suddenly allowed the duplicant to increase his path by 7-10 blocks. Perhaps because of changes in water level throughout the reservoir ? it's all very strange. At home, I'll check it again with "Show Navigation" isn't it weird that underwater the duplicate can go literally ~10 blocks ? Is that normal ?
  4. Thanks. The site becomes even better and more convenient than it was. I really like your site. I often start a new game by experimenting with new ideas. Your site helps me to find the best seed suitable for the task. Let me offer you a few small suggestions. I apologize if I just didn't understand, and actually such functionality exist. - The button allowing to reset all filters was not found. - If you open a site in a new tab, it opens with the same filters as the previous tab. And immediately begins the search, which leads to a noticeable delay in opening. Perhaps you should give the user the opportunity to click on the Search button, because he may want to first edit the filters. - The ability to save filters ? For example through Url. It would be very convenient - With current filters it is impossible to make the following condition "no more than 3 geysers/volcanoes, which I don't need". That increase the result set for check. Now I can only ask through the condition OR: "1 chlorine geyser, 1 steam geyser, 1 carbon dioxide geyser, 1 dirty water geyser". In this case, I will be able to get the seed, which contains all 4 of these geysers. While I would like to get an option where these 4 options in total give no more than 2-3. I hope I clearly explained my idea